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USS Ranger Project


With 70% of the earth covered in water, who do you call on to maintain stability, keep waterways safe for global commerce, deter aggression and maintain freedom?  Well, for over 230 years, the answer to that would be the world’s premier naval power…….the United States Navy.  To accomplish all those multi-dimensional tasks requires literally thousands of naval personnel and various types of naval ships including carriers, assault ships, cruisers, frigates, and submarines.  One such supercarrier, with a long history of serving our country is USS Ranger.  Although the preservation of USS Ranger has been abandoned at this time by the USS Ranger Foundation,  who had fought to preserve this amazing piece of history as a Community Heritage Center, we are still in hopes that those efforts will be revived.

    As part of the mission of Operation Lone Star – Texans Supporting Our Troops is to provide encouragement and support, both emotional and material to members of the U. S. Armed Forces and their families and friends, we were proud to support a project that was critical to preserving the proud heritage of those that have served our country, in particular those that served on Ranger, as well as educating others on what it is like to serve onboard a naval ship.  We were excited to support the efforts of the USS Ranger Foundation in its mission to bring USS Ranger to Oregon and to create a Community Heritage Center including a museum, memorial, education center, emergency preparedness site, community civic center, and tourism destination, and were sad to hear that their efforts had been discontinued.  It was an ambitious undertaking that would have taken literally years to accomplish, but one that would have brought to life the true essence of naval life onboard a carrier and a true symbol of the spirit and sacrifice that so many that served onboard her contributed.  As such, we believed that it was a worthwhile endeavor and one that would have preserved an amazing piece of naval history.

    July 10, 1993, as the Commanding Officer’s Orders were given, the bells stricken, and the colors hauled down, Ranger, Top Gun of the Pacific Fleet was decommissioned.  As the final “Secure the watch” command was given and the supercarrier terminated its career in the armed forces, what was not terminated were all the memories, traditions, friendships and history for more than 5,500 crew members who served onboard her at any given time.  Their experiences, through multiple deployments, including some very difficult times, are an important part of America’s history  and should stand as a reminder of the sacrifice that so many made for the freedoms we enjoy today. What a tribute it would have been to honor these heroes in addition to honoring all the thousands of Sailors who served onboard countless other carriers, by designing a Civic Heritage Complex, with USS Ranger as the centerpiece, to bring to life their experiences.  Some of the exciting plans, to only name a few, included a museum which would have contained military displays recognizing all branches of the service; a memorial which will include “hallowed ground” where memorial services could have taken place when a veteran passed in order to have honors rendered; and with a 4.5 acre flight deck, it would have been able to accommodate a Regional Emergency Response and Management Center should a natural disaster or act of terrorism exist.  This was all in addition to the cultural and educational, as well as tourism resources that would have been included.

    Ranger would have become only the sixth operating carrier museum in the United States, joining the likes of Intrepid, Yorktown, Lexington, Midway, and Hornet.  Establishing its rightful place in history, it would have become the largest carrier exhibit to date, as well as the largest floating museum in the world, in addition to being the only military display of any size in Oregon.  This would truly have been an honor befitting a carrier who earned 13 battle stars during her service to our country, along with honoring those who have served onboard her.  

    So, it is with much sadness that Operation Lone Star – Texans Supporting Our Troops learned that the USS Ranger Foundation abandoned its efforts to preserve a piece of history, create a viable community resource and cultural center, but most importantly to honor the sacrifice and service of so many that served our country.  America’s commitment to Never Forget would have been served well.  

    We will continue to support the efforts of some of Ranger's supporters who would still like to preserve this piece of history and will pass on any information we receive.  
Also, if you were a member of ship’s company or embarked air wing, Operation Lone Star - Texans Supporting Our Troops would love for you to send in your stories and photos during your tour of duty and would love to publish them on this page.    


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